Weizhen Lai

Teaching Assistant in Collaborative Piano

MRH 3.104

Sheng-Chieh Jason Lan

Teaching Assistant in Viola

MRH 3.514

Hank Landrum

Assistant Instructor of Clarinet

MRH 5.280

John Largess

Associate Professor of Practice in Viola

MRH 2.128

Mike Lebrias

Teaching Assistant in Wind Conducting

MRH 2.404B

Hannah Lewis

Associate Professor of Musicology

MRH 3.738

Brian Lewis

Professor of Violin

MRH 5.126

Weston Lewis

Assistant Instructor, University Bands

MRH 2.404B

Xinyi Li

Teaching Assistant in Keyboard

MRH 4.192

Sam Lipman

Lecturer in Film Scoring

MRH 3.116 G


Teaching Assistant in Collaborative Piano

MRH 3.1116

Anna Marinela Lopez

Teaching Assistant in Musicology

MRH 3.506

Thomas Ly

Teaching Assistant, University Bands

MRH 2.502

Annabel MacDonald

Teaching Assistant, Flute

MRH 6.166

Alison Maggart

Assistant Professor of Instruction in Musicology

MRH 3.714

Betty Mallard

Associate Professor Emeritus of Piano

James Maverick

Lecturer in Collaborative Piano

MRH 3.114