Student Support

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Support students' academic, creative and wellness pursuits.

In addition to financial support for the creation of additional scholarships and fellowships, the Butler School of Music needs funding for the following initiatives:


  • Addressing the mental health challenges our students face beyond academic pressures. This includes a comprehensive approach to counseling – taking into account that many students are the first in their families to attend college.


  • Enabling the conception and development of student creative, scholarly, and performance projects.


  • The Texas Advance Commitment - UT Austin’s commitment to making a UT education even more affordable for Texas students from middle-and low- income backgrounds. Texas Challenge Scholarships as part of the TAC ensure that talented undergraduates from all over Texas can receive a world-class musical education at the Butler School of Music.


  • To create partnerships with HBCUs and diverse public schools by collaborating on projects and increasing faculty-student contact.


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Rainwater Innovation Grants

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2019-2020 Winners

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