Chamber Music Course

How To Participate in Chamber Music

Students interested in participating in Chamber Music must complete the online form by April 14 for Fall 2023. Only students needing this particular course for degree requirements should participate (Artist Diploma students, second year MM,  3rd and 4th year undergraduates), and registration is required for one of the following courses: MUS 281C, E, K, R, S, V, W; MUS 481M; MUS 259 C, E, N, R and W; MUS 181D (Artist Diploma only), or Chamber Music: Repertory before 1800 (MUS 259U)

Pre-formed groups will be given priority. Students without a group may submit the form individually, and the chamber music faculty will attempt to form groups with unattached players. Spots in the course will be filled on a first come, first-served basis. Groups and individuals must submit the completed online request form by the posted deadline, and the chamber music faculty reserves the right to drop students who cannot be accommodated by the 4th class day. First semester students may not register for the course (unless in the Artist Diploma program). Chamber Music: Repertory before 1800 (MUS 259U) course will count towards degree credit for chamber music.

Please Note: the chamber music faculty reserves the right to require that a student drop the course who is not assigned to a group by the second class day, or sooner if all spots in the course for individuals and groups have been filled. Students wishing to participate in a group without receiving credit must seek special permission to do so from the chamber music area coordinator(s) during the first advising period, reporting all intended groups that they wish to participate in, and should be prepared to be replaced by students who need the course credit.

The Butler School of Music Chamber and Collaborative Music Division defines chamber music groups as un-conducted ensembles of three or more players, one person per part. Due to a lack of three-or-more repertoire for double bass, harp and guitar, groups including those instruments may contain only two players. Like-instrument groups such as oboe trios or clarinet quartets are discouraged from registering and may do so only with the consent of the chamber music faculty.

This course carries an Independent Inquiry Flag for undergraduate students.

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