Musicology & Ethnomusicology

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Musicology & Ethnomusicology


The division of Musicology & Ethnomusicology is committed to the academic integration of history and ethnography. Students are encouraged to challenge the shifting boundaries between Western “art” repertories, non-Western traditions, and popular music.

Undergraduate students may take coursework in musicology or ethnomusicology to create an emphasis within the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree.

Graduate students receive substantial training in a variety of historical, historiographical, analytical, cultural, and ethnographic issues before specializing in a historical period, geographical area, or a combination of these and other fields.

The Butler School maintains a scholar exchange partnership with Pakistan’s National Academy of Performing Arts. This partnership has forged important academic connections and collaborative performances, such as their 2018 appearance at Austin’s South by Southwest Festival. Under the leadership of Professor Sonia Seeman, the group formed as Sangat!, taken from a Sanskrit word that means “coming together.”

Ethnomusicology accepts applications directly into the Ph.D. program with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. An independent terminal master’s degree is not offered.

Musicology accepts M.M. and Ph.D. applications


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