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While preserving the best of traditional education in music, the Butler School of Music also seeks to prepare students for the changing realities of the modern world. With that in mind, cultivating broader appreciation for music through community outreach is an increasingly essential component of our educational mission. We are dedicated to increasing accessibility of music performances and learning opportunities to new audiences and diverse communities. We also strive to provide enriching, real-world performance opportunities to our students, preparing them to share music with anyone in any setting.

Chamber Music Outreach Project

Teaching strategies for community engagement is a major element of the undergraduate and graduate chamber music curriculum. Each semester students enrolled in chamber music are required to participate in one of seven different community outreach projects, designed and directed by the Butler School's community outreach coordinator. In workshops, coaching sessions and outreach master classes, students develop skills for sharing music in any setting for any audience.

String Project

Heralded by musicians and educators throughout the world as one of the finest programs for the training of teachers and the development of young talent, the University of Texas String Project is sponsored by the Butler School of Music at The University of Texas at Austin and partially sponsored by the Junior League of Austin. It has received many national awards, including the First Education Institution Award for being the most significant program in strings among American universities and colleges and was named 2008 String Project of the Year by the National String Project Consortium.

Piano Project

The Butler School Piano Project offers individual and group lessons for young pianists. The course is directed by Sophia Gilmson, associate professor of music, and taught by music majors enrolled in the piano pedagogy course.