You’re probably wondering whether the Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music at The University of Texas at Austin is the smart choice for this stage in your musical life.

Will the faculty guide you to reach your full potential? Will their accomplishments inspire you? Will they prove to be the mentors you need?

What about your colleagues, your fellow students? Will they challenge you and support you? Will they introduce you to new ways of thinking about things? Are they curious and brave?

And Austin—are the rumors true? Is it a great town to be a musician? Are breakfast tacos the meaning of life? Does it really get that hot in the summer?

I hope you'll decide to plunge into the ongoing adventure that is music at The University of Texas at Austin. Read on, come visit and make up your own mind—we like independent thinkers here.

Headshot of Mary Ellen Poole.

Mary Ellen Poole
Director, Butler School of Music
The University of Texas at Austin