Piano Project Parent Resources

Dear Piano Project Parents,

Welcome to Piano Project! 

We are excited to start this academic year in person, continuing our musical journey together, and getting to know new teachers and new students. Please read this syllabus carefully prior to our first class session on Tuesday, September 6.

Your child is required to attend both individual lessons and theory classes. Both classes are important and compliment each other. Theory classes are in a group setting, and Dr. Denenburg will attend some individual lessons to provide feedback and monitor the progress of every student. Private teachers in Piano Project often make video recordings of lessons for their own educational use. Additionally, Dr. Denenburg might take short videos during her observations. Please sign the Video/Picture release form at the end of this document. 

To protect our teachers, students, and the surrounding members of our community we ask you to please stay home if your child is sick. If your child has a rash, fever, stomach virus or any other contagious illness, please stay home. Take care of them and us. Children must be free of fever (any temperature above 98.6 degrees) for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication to attend a class.

 Attendance Policies

Students must be present at all Tuesday individual lessons as well as group classes. Our young teachers are undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a variety of highly demanding music degrees at the Butler School of Music. Each student’s lesson time is scheduled very carefully in consideration with the many demands our teachers must meet. Makeup lessons are not a part of our policy. Should your child miss a lesson, a possible makeup lesson will be entirely up to the courtesy of the teacher.


To be on time means to be ready to start productive work at the scheduled time. We recommend arriving a few minutes early to allow a timely transition between lessons. Simply put, to be on time is to be early. 

Absence Limit 

If a student acquires more than two unexcused absences, lessons or group classes, in a single semester, that student will be placed on probation. Any further missed lessons will require a conference with Dr. Denenburg, the program's director, to determine whether the student will remain in the program. Illness or family emergencies will be considered excused absences. 

Re-admittance into the Piano Project will be Dr. Denenburg's decision in consultation with the student’s teacher and the Piano Project coordinator. The decision will be based on the availability of a teacher as well as the consistent practice and the student's progress


New Students

Every student in the Piano Project must pass an audition to enroll in our program. Please consult our application process to apply and schedule an audition. 

Tuition is paid for the entire academic year. Tuition for participation in the Project as a new student is $450.00 per year (fall and spring semesters combined), payable immediately after an applicant has been notified of acceptance. Tuition is not refundable. The extra $34.50 when compared to returning students helps us to provide materials to students which might include teaching materials, method books and other aids to incoming students.

Returning Students

Tuition for returning students is $415.50 per year (fall and spring semesters combined). This covers the annual cost of the theory book required for group theory classes. A deposit of $50 must be made by May 15 to reserve your place for the following academic year. The remaining tuition should be paid by Aug 15, 2022. Please note that the tuition is non-refundable, thus carefully check your schedule to avoid conflicts. 

Instrument Requirement

Piano Project promotes a healthy piano technique foundation. Having an acoustic instrument is essential to establish good technique and sound production. The first years of piano playing are the most important years for young musicians. That is when our children gain healthy, good habits at the piano. That is why the Piano Project believes that having an acoustic piano is a necessity to accomplish those goals. Starting fall 2021, all new students are required to have an acoustic piano. There are many options available to have an inexpensive acoustic instrument in your house, please let us know if you need help acquiring one.