Cynthia Morrow

Assistant Professor of Practice in Voice

MRH 3.504

Luisa Nardini

Professor of Musicology

MRH 3.128

Anton Nel

Professor of Piano and Chamber Music

MRH 4.168

Guido Olivieri

Professor of Instruction in Musicology

MRH 3.130

Stephen Page

Associate Professor of Saxophone

Director of Undergraduate Studies

MRH 5.288

Andrew Parker

Associate Professor of Oboe

MRH 5.254

Suzanne Pence

Associate Professor of Music and Human Learning, Choral Conducting

MRH 2.116D

Russell Podgorsek

Lecturer in Composition

Building Manager

MRH 3.810

Diego Rivera

Director of Jazz Studies

MRH 4.122

Rick Rowley

Associate Professor of Practice

MRH 4.126

Mike Sailors

Professor of Practice in Jazz Trumpet

MRH 6.248

Laurie Scott

Associate Professor of Music and Human Learning

Director, String Project

MRH 3.802

Sonia Tamar Seeman

Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology in Middle Eastern Studies

Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Arts in Music

MRH 3.602

Yevgeniy Sharlat

Associate Professor of Composition

MRH 4.138

Amy Simmons

Senior Lecturer in Music and Human Learning

MBE 2.204A

Marc Sosnowchik

Assistant Director of Bands

Director, Longhorn Pep Band

MRH 2.402A