Elio Bucky

Teaching Assistant, Butler Opera Center

MRH 3.510

James Buhler

Professor of Theory

Director of Graduate Studies

MRH 3.722

J.D. Burnett

Director of Choral Activities

MRH 2.116FA

Chelsea Burns

Assistant Professor of Music Theory

MRH 3.734

Thomas Burritt

Associate Director, Butler school of Music

Professor of Percussion

MRH 6.230

Carlos Capra

Lecturer in Opera

MRH 3.708

Charles Carson

Associate Professor of Musicology

MRH 3.604

Gene Centeno

Assistant Instructor in Jazz Studies

MRH 6.244

Chris Cermak

Teaching Assistant in Jazz Studies

MRH 6.246

Suzanne Charney

Teaching Assistant in Music & Human Learning

MRH 2.302

Hon Ki Cheung

Assistant Professor of Music Theory

MRH 3.710

Daniel Ching

Associate Professor of Practice in Violin

MRH 2.132

Lauren Casey Clyde

Teaching Assistant, University Bands

MRH 2.502

Kara Covey

Teaching Assistant in Voice

Paula Crider

Professor Emeritus of Conducting

Leah Crocetto

Lecturer in Vocal Arts

MRH 4.118

Clifton Croomes

Director, Longhorn Band

Director, Symphony Band

Associate Director of Bands

MRH 2.508

Eden Davis

Lecturer in French Diction and Translation

MRH 3.708

Paul Deemer

Specialist in Jazz Trombone

MRH 6.254

Andrew Dell'Antonio

Professor of Musicology

Division Head, Musicology and Ethnomusicology

MRH 3.214