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Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Hon Ki Cheung received their Ph.D. in Music with a minor in Sociology from the University of Minnesota in 2022. Their research interests include music by Chinese composers in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, with a focus on how modern Chinese and Western societies and cultures influence pedagogy, the music-making process, and musical expressions in Chinese instrumental music, as well as the composers’ identity expressions in different cultural contexts. They are also pursuing research on the relationship between concert programming and diversity discourse in musical institutions in the United States.

Cheung has presented papers at national conferences for the Society for Ethnomusicology, and regional conferences, including the Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic, Music Theory Society of New York State, Midwest Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Pacific Southwest Chapter of the American Musicology Society, and the Southwest Conference on Asian Studies.

Cheung is also active as a composer, organist, and pipa player. Their compositions have been featured in the Women in Music Festival at the Eastman School of Music, Music by Women Festival at the Mississippi University for Women, and Florida State University Festival of New Music.

MUA 411A/B
Ear Training and Sight Singing III/IV

MUS 388M
Current Trends in Music Theory

 “Out of Context #2: Modern Development of Non-Western Music.” I Care if You Listen, February 26, 2020.

 “A Study of Inter-Cardinality Voice Leading Using Voice-Leading Zones and Extended 4-Cube Trio.” Gamut: Online Journal of Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic: Vol. 8: Iss. 1 (2018): Article 8.

Head, Fanny Po Sim. "Pianist Angela Lau and Her Project Sharing Hong Kong Piano Music." Interlude, May 10, 2023.

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Sociology of Music

Contemporary Asian American Music

Twentieth-Century Chinese Music


Doctor of Philosophy
University of Minnesota

Master of Music
Florida State University

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University of Kansas

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Chinese University of Hong Kong