Gregory Eaton

Lecturer in Organ and Harpsichord

MRH 2.630

Andrew Edwards

Head Piano Technician

MRH 4.154

Veit Erlmann

Professor of Ethnomusicology

Endowed Chair of Music History

MRH 3.134

William Fedkenheuer

Associate Professor of Practice in Violin and Chamber Music

Violin, Miró Quartet

MRH 5.116

Brigit Fitzgerald

Teaching Assistant, Bassoon

MRH 5.276

Mónica Fogelquist

Assistant Professor of Practice in Mariachi and Ethnomusicology

MRH 3.606

Robert Freeman

Professor Emeritus of Musicology

John Fremgen

Director, AIME

Associate Professor of Jazz Studies

MRH 6.254

James Gabrillo

Assistant Professor of Musicology and Ethnomusicology

MRH 3.746