Margaret Lynch Brown

Assistant Instructor in Class Piano

MRH 2.304

Andrew Brownell

Assistant Professor of Piano

MRH 4.158

Steven Bryant

Associate Professor Emeritus of Tuba

James Buhler

Professor of Theory

Director, Center for American Music

Director of Graduate Studies

MRH 3.722

Marie Burks

Finance Manager

MRH M 3.116

Chelsea Burns

Assistant Professor of Music Theory

MRH 3.734

Thomas Burritt

Professor of Percussion

Director of Percussion Studies

MRH 6.230

Carlos Capra

Lecturer in Opera

MRH 3.708

Charles Carson

Associate Professor of Musicology

MRH 3.604

Daniel Ching

Associate Professor of Practice in Violin

Violin I, Miró Quartet

MRH 2.132