The Opera Ensemble is devoted to the development of undergraduate students interested in opera performance and future opera careers. Students are selected by audition for participation in any of the ensemble activities. The Opera Ensemble meets three times weekly with additional scheduled time as needed.

Please note that while the Opera Ensemble class is designated a four-and-one-half-hour class, additional hours will be necessary for musical and staging preparation and public performance. Students who are considering enrolling in ENS 103P and who do not have available time beyond the required four-and-one-half-hour class time should reconsider taking this course.

The Opera Ensemble emphasizes the following:

  • Musical preparation of opera literature
  • Dramatic preparation of opera literature
  • Staging of opera literature for public and/or class performance
  • Venue for opera directing majors
  • Chorus preparation, staging and performance for Butler Opera Center productions
  • Language preparation