a close-up of a music mixing board, in a dark room with glowing lights


Experimental & Electronic Music Studios

About EEMS

The Experimental and Electronic Music Studio (EEMS) is among the most extensive and technologically advanced studios in the country. At the Experimental and Electronic Music Studio (EEMS) we create instrumental and electronic music, intermedia projects, and contemporary musical theater. We explore everything from AI composition, to acoustic research and soundscape. We offer a laboratory environment, a community of professors and scholars, and excellent resources. 

Our goal is to give you a dynamic space that allows you to investigate and create new compositional projects. We offer practical courses about the techniques and aesthetics of experimental music. We also offer instrumental research and access to new technologies. We manage five different studios: a recording studio, two mixing studios, an intermedia lab room, and an electronic instruments studio. All house high-quality equipment and software. These spaces allow excellent working conditions for students to develop their creations.

Students can showcase their compositions through a series of produced concerts and showcases. The Electroacoustic Recital Series (EARS), is EEMS’ own concert series. Many feature collaborations with performers, international guest artists, and music ensembles. We've collaborated with departments across campus, like Art and Art History, as well as Theater and Dance. Our concerts encompass a diverse range of forms — from solo and chamber performances to intermedia projects.

Students and faculty have performed their works in concert halls and festivals all over the world, including the Vienna Concert Hall and the International Computer Music Conference. Our alumni have recorded their music for well-known contemporary music labels, won Fulbright fellowships, Bourges prizes, and other prestigious awards. 

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