Students in group piano classEach year, the Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music provides coursework and training to approximately 350 undergraduate music majors, 300 graduate music students, and over 2,500 non-music majors. A four-year projection of course offerings (you may need to install Acrobat Reader to access this document) is available to provide accurate information for music faculty & staff advisers and students; projected courses are subject to change.

Undergraduate Degrees & Advising: Information regarding academic advising and degree requirements for music majors. Includes degree guidelines and academic policies as well as information on juries, recitals and ensemble requirements. 

For Current Graduate Students: Commonly used links, forms, and summaries of policies and procedures for currently enrolled grad students.

Information for Non-Music Majors: Performance courses for non-music majors and general procedures on how to register.

Time and Credit Hour Information: The Butler School of Music's policies regarding credit hours granted to ensembles, chamber music, and lessons.

Consent Form for Butler School of Music Courses - for Music Majors only

The Butler School of Music course consent form is provided online for undergraduate music and graduate music majors only, and becomes available beginning two to three weeks before the first registration access period for the upcoming semester and up to the 12th class day for the fall or spring semesters. The form is only for completely restricted individual instruction courses in music; more info is below.

When to use the Butler School of Music course consent form:

For undergraduate music and graduate music majors, use the online form (link is above) for a completely restricted individual instruction course, including independent study and directed research courses. See the list of these courses.

For independent study and directed research courses, an additional review for approval or to partially fulfill degree requirements is typically required. Undergraduate music majors should reach out to Malia LiVolsi for more information; graduate music majors should reach out to Marina Martinez

When to email the music instructor directly:
  • Organized courses (group instruction) that are already CLOSED but have no online waitlist availability, or if it’s after the 4th class day for the fall or spring. Note: The following organized courses are completely restricted: MUS 276S/276T/276V, and the 0-credit hour ENS grad-level sections.
  • An unexpected restriction after attempting to register for any music course. NOTE: For music majors, most of the organized MUS courses and most private lessons courses are NOT RESTRICTED.

Please include in your email the following: 1) your name & EID; 2) the course number & title; 3) unique number; and 4) the semester the course is offered. If the instructor approves, he or she should copy Stephen Wray on that email, to allow him to lift the restriction or add the course for you (done usually the same day or the next business day). Alternatively, you can forward the instructor's approval to Stephen Wray, but be sure to include the above details.

NON-MUSIC MAJORS: Do not use the online course consent form. Instead, visit the Non-Music major web page for faculty approval info.