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Hanatsumiroir stand on stage with electronic instruments and lights


French contemporary repertoire for instrumental ensemble.

Electronics by Gabriel Araújo, Tanner Jones, Deniz Asland and Caio Campos


About HANATSUmiroir

HANATSUmiroir was born in 2010 from the meeting of flautist Ayako Okubo and percussionist Olivier Maurel.

Driven by the desire to develop a new repertoire, seeing it as a poetic tool for linking cultures and practices, the duo quickly unites around them an expanded workforce of interpreters, performers, dancers, visual artists and scenographers. .

Between research, creation and repertoire, the desire to build scenic situations conducive to another way of listening to the music of our time, has brought the ensemble to the stages and festivals of several countries in Europe, Asia and America. North.

At the same time, HANATSUmiroir develops mediation and educational actions that are enriched by the creations carried out by the ensemble, on the Alsatian territory.

The ensemble also organizes meetings and workshops with composers, which are all opportunities for new musical discoveries.




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