A marimba player and a snare drum player perform together at a Percussion Ensemble concert in a Darkened Bates Recital Hall

Percussion Ensemble

Percussion ensembles are divided into four sub-ensembles, each focusing on a different genre of percussion music:

Percussion Ensemble
Performs larger percussion works (works scored for five or more performers).

Percussion Group
Performs chamber works scored for three to five performers.

Steel Pan Ensemble (Pans of Texas)
Performs a diverse range of music from popular tunes, jazz styles and traditional Southern Caribbean music.

Marimba Band
Performs music that best represents the "golden age" of the marimba and xylophone that occurred primarily in the 1920's.

Both the Steel Pan Ensemble and the Marimba Band perform on and off campus in efforts to serve the communities of the greater Central Texas area. 

Meet the Faculty

Thomas Burritt

Associate Director, Butler school of Music

Professor of Percussion

Director of Percussion Studies
Director, Percussion Ensemble

Area Counselor, percussion

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Percussion Ensemble, Percussion Group and Marimba Band are open to percussion majors only. Steel Pan Ensemble is open to non-music majors; no audition is required.


Percussion Ensemble Course


T-Th, 12:30–2p  
MRH 6.222




Upcoming Performances

Two students playing percussion instruments in a dimly lit hall.

Music By Us

Event Status

Works by Sebastian Zhang, Margaret Parker, Luciano Medina, Ethan Hall, Justin Cooperman, Reese Maultsby, Davin Cai, and Ivan Trevino