The faculty of the Woodwinds Department have earned international recognition as both performers and pedagogues. Their strong commitment to teaching and to the individual development of students is evidenced in the outstanding placement record of Butler School of Music graduates, who hold positions in major orchestras and at music schools across the country. Woodwind majors are provided with a wide array of performance opportunities and courses taught by a faculty of dedicated teachers and performers. 

The programs of study for woodwind majors are designed to develop skilled performers who are familiar with the standard solo, ensemble and orchestral literature for their instruments. The woodwind faculty bring to their studios the background and experience garnered through many years as professional performing and recording artists. These experiences span a wide spectrum of idioms including major symphony orchestras, solo appearances, chamber ensembles, nationally recognized jazz ensembles and all areas of the studio recording field. Students, whether music majors or non-majors, are offered performing experiences in all major ensembles of the Butler School of Music and in instrumental ensembles unique to their instruments. For more studio-specific information, please visit the individual studio websites: