Friday, April 7, 2017

festival banner

The Cohen New Works Festival, presented by Broadway Bank, is a biennial, week-long showcase of new work created by students at The University of Texas at Austin held in various locations in and around UT campus. It is not just an event, but a celebration of the creation of new work.

Between April 10 - April 14, you can catch some of our wildly talented Butler School students in these works:

Bloodthirsty Fiends
Featuring: Alison Reid, Liam Dolan-Henderson, & Invoke

Bloodthirsty Fiends is a new vision of Beowulf, produced with puppets and original music by string quartet, Invoke. Come join us in the “Mead-Hall” to hear this gruesome tale of revenge, glory, and puppet monsters.

40 minutes
WIN 1.134 – April 10 @ 12:00pm, April 12 @ 9:00pm, April 14 @ 3:00pm

Cry Wolf
Featuring: Alex Heppelmann, William Glick, & Azalea Laredo

When a hungry wolf eats a boy’s flock of sheep, the boy leaves home to seek justice, only to be pulled into a contest that will choose a new animal king. Cry Wolf is a children’s opera that uses Aesop’s Fables to show how storytelling affects our communities and leaders.

1 hour 15 minutes
WIN 1.134 – April 11 @ 10:00am, April 12 @ 10:00am, April 14 @ 9:30am

Featuring: Margaret Jumonville & Michael Zapruder

Golden is a cutting-edge chamber opera that combines acoustic and electronic sounds, powerful voices and evocative immersive elements to tell the true story of a family whose belief in a magical golden object is tragically destroyed by the forces of technology.

45-50 minutes
OBT – April 11 @ 3:00pm, April 13th @ 5:00pm

The Gospel According to Jocelyn
Featuring: Jocelyn Chambers & Aaron Chávez

The Gospel According to Jocelyn is a concept album that visualizes the creator’s personal experiences as a black woman in America. It incorporates original music, film, and poetry to detail the journey to self-identity, self-love and royalty. This album seeks to inspire more platforms for uninterrupted black female representation.

1 hour
Bates Recital Hall – April 10 @ 2:30pm, April 13 @ 4:30pm

Voices of Death Row
Featuring: Keith Allegretti, KT Shorb, & Bruno-Pierre Houle

Voices of Death Row is a performance focusing on poems by death row inmates in Texas. Through music, movement and drama, five operatic art songs will be presented alongside visual projections, including images of inmate art. A collaboration between prisoners and university students, this project humanizes those who are dehumanized.

35 minutes
BIP – April 10 @ 4:30pm, April 12 @ 8:00pm

When New Orleans Becomes A Brown Sea
Featuring: James Parker, Travis Tate, & Adam Sussman

A story revolving around Terrance and Judy, a black man and white woman who are stuck on a roof in a flooded neighborhood of New Orleans immediately after Katrina. In a town filled with ghosts of past injustices, they must find a way to escape the roof and find relief.

45 minutes
BIP – April 11 @ 12:30pm, April 12 @ 2:00pm, April 13 @ 12:30pm