Butler’s Mariachi Paredes de Tejastitlán performs with Portugal. The Man during ACL broadcast


November 8, 2023

AUSTIN, Texas — This October, we welcomed a little piece of the Austin City Limits Music Festival to the Forty Acres.

Rock band Portugal. The Man invited the Mariachi Paredes de Tejastitlán to perform a special arrangement of their hit song, "Summer of Luv." 

“It shows the value and the versatility of mariachi, because the music that we're performing is not mariachi music at all, but we're arranging and performing it as a mariachi," said Mariachi Director José R. Torres-Ramos. "That definitely raises the profile of the music itself, the genre itself, and the ensemble."

Torres-Ramos said the performance was a wonderful opportunity for the students to get real world experience and to see that there are all kinds of possibilities with mariachi music. 

This segment was produced by Douglas Caballero and Charlie Fritschner of C3 Presents for Austin City Limits Music Festival.

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