The Longhorn Pep Band smile into the camera from the basketball stadium stands

Longhorn Pep Band

The University of Texas Longhorn Pep Band is an integral component of the game day experience, performing at all Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Texas Volleyball home events, as well as the Big XII and NCAA tournaments.

The Longhorn Pep Band is composed of highly spirited and talented musicians from across the University, and plays a wide range of repertoire including pop, funk, hip hop, rock, and traditional music, with the purpose of providing entertainment and creating crowd enthusiasm for UT’s teams. The band has made special appearances at the Austin City Limits festival, and with renowned musical acts such as The Peterson Brothers, Van Wilks, The Nightowls, and many others.

Here's how to Join Longhorn Pepband

  1. Fill out the Prospective Member Interest Form
  2. Register for your desired Pep Band course during the appropriate semester
  3. Prepare a technical etude and full-range chromatic scale for rating. In lieu of a technical etude, you may submit a recording of the full version of Texas Fight, or use your Longhorn Band audition videos. *Please be sure your video link is shareable. Your face, fingers, valves, keys, or slides must be visible at all times and all elements must be done in one continuous, unedited take.
    1. Drum Set: Prepare four different styles of music to be recorded and submitted. *Styles to be performed are: fast rock, slow rock, swing, funk and in approximately 30 seconds should showcase at least two fills per style.
    2. Synthesizer: Prepare and perform the Texas Fight Tuba Part. If possible, please also include a musical excerpt of your choosing which showcases both hands performing.
    3. Texas Fight: Download a copy of Texas Fight.
  4. Submit your video audition link here no later than January 11 by 11:59 pm.


While we can accept over 100 students in LPB, please be advised that we are limited to only 100 service awards to be distributed per semester. These 100 will be determined primarily by audition video results.




Marc Sosnowchik

Assistant Director of Bands

Director, Longhorn Pep Band

Director, New Music Ensemble

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T.j. Anderson

Teaching Assistant in Wind Conducting

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Lean More About Performing with the Longhorn Pep Band! 

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For more about Texas Bands ensembles, please visit the University Bands site.

For  more about the marching Longhorn Band, please visit the LHB site.



MRH 2.114

Rehearsals take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Only one rehearsal per week is required to earn credit (1 hour).

Tue 3:30-5:00
ENS 108P (22525)

Wed 4:00-5:30
ENS 108P (22530)

Tuesdays 3:30-5:00
ENS 108P 

Wednesdays 5:30-6:45
ENS 108P 



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Beevo mascot in the stands, holds a trumpet in one hand, his other arm is raised toward the sky.
A Line of horns play at a UT Basketball game
A Pep Band TA stands in front of the Band inside the stadium, holding a small white board that reads "Fight Song"
Pep band, standing and playing in the stands of the basketball arena
Pep Band members stand in the audience waving long burnt orange and white balloons in the air
A Group photo of the pep band with Beevo and Cheerleaders on the basketball court





Is an audition required to join the Longhorn Pep Band?

Longhorn Pep Band is open to all qualified students university-wide by completion of a successful audition for membership. In selecting the final membership, the band staff will consider the overall ability level (playing, attitude, schedule availability, dependability) of each student. Those not selected for membership within the current semester are invited to audition again for the following semester.

How much does it cost to be a member of the Longhorn Pep Band?

Students who successfully earn membership into the Longhorn Pep Band and are registered for the course will receive a service award of $500 for each semester they participate. All travel opportunities are fully funded by the University.

  • The funding of the service awards are applied to any outstanding university debts and the remaining funds are disbursed to the student.

What is the time commitment for members in the Longhorn Pep Band?

Only one class rehearsal per week is required (either Tuesday or Wednesday) and members traditionally only have to perform at 75% of the total games, allowing personal and academic flexibility throughout the semester. If interested, we encourage you to register for the course that best fits your fall or spring schedule.

Can I be a member of the Longhorn Marching Band and the Longhorn Pep Band?

Membership in both Longhorn Band and Longhorn Pep Band is allowed and HIGHLY encouraged! Many students participate in both. Come be part of the most electrifying Pep Band in the world!

How are members of the Longhorn Pep Band selected for each game day performance?

Members are selected for games based on their playing assignments and schedule availability. A certain number of selected members in each section will be assigned to each game to balance out the needs of the band and gaming environment.

Are instruments available if I do not own one?

Some instruments are available for students to check out from the appropriate equipment staff member. Checking out any instrument or equipment constitutes an agreement between the student and the university. If instruments are lost, stolen, or damaged, Longhorn Pep Band members are responsible for the cost of replacement or repairs.

What are the performance venues for the Longhorn Pep Band?

The Longhorn Pep Band performs on-campus at Gregory Gym for all home Volleyball games, and in the Moody Center for all Women’s and Men’s Basketball games. The Pep Band also performs in the designated Big XII and NCAA tournament venues.