Master of Music
Artist Diploma
Doctor of Musical Arts
Doctor of Philosophy

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Master of Music

Brass, Woodwind and Percussion Performance
Chamber Music
Collaborative Piano
Conducting - Band and Wind
Conducting - Choral
Conducting - Orchestral
Jazz Composition
Jazz Performance
Literature and Pedagogy
Music & Human Learning (non-thesis track)
Music & Human Learning (thesis track)
Opera Coaching
Opera Directing
Opera Performance
Organ Performance
Organ Performance - Sacred Music Emphasis
Piano Literature and Pedagogy
Piano Performance
String Performance
Vocal Performance


Gainful Employment Information for the Artist Diploma

Doctor of Musical Arts

Most DMA performance students pursue the Non-Treatise option, which includes four public recitals and a scholarly research project. The Treatise option requires three public recitals and a more substantial project. 

Brass, Woodwind and Percussion Performance: Non-Treatise | Treatise
Collaborative Piano: Non-Treatise | Treatise
Conducting - Band and Wind: Non-Treatise | Treatise
Conducting - Choral: Non-Treatise | Treatise
Conducting - Orchestral: Non-Treatise | Treatise
Jazz Composition
Jazz Performance: Non-Treatise | Treatise
Jazz Piano Performance: Non-Treatise | Treatise
Music & Human Learning - Jazz Emphasis
Music & Human Learning - Piano Pedagogy Emphasis
Opera Coaching: Non-Treatise | Treatise
Opera Directing: Non-Treatise | Treatise
Opera Performance: Non-Treatise | Treatise
Organ Performance: Non-Treatise | Treatise
Piano Performance: Non-Treatise | Treatise
String Performance: Non-Treatise | Treatise
Vocal Performance: Non-Treatise | Treatise
Vocal Performance - Pedagogy Emphasis: Non-Treatise | Treatise

Doctor of Philosophy

Music & Human Learning