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  • Associate Professor of Musicology
Office Phone: 512-471-0774
Office Location: MRH 3.738
  • Musicology

Hannah Lewis specializes in film music, music and visual media, twentieth-century avant-garde and experimental music, and musical theater. She received her PhD in Historical Musicology from Harvard University in 2014, and she taught at Tufts University before joining the faculty at UT. In her dissertation, entitled “Negotiating the Soundtrack: Music in Early Sound Film in the U.S. and France, 1926-1934,” she examined the ways directors, producers, and composers responded to technological change during the first years of synchronized sound film. She has presented at national and regional meetings of the American Musicological Society and the Society for American Music (where she received the Mark Tucker Award in 2014). Her work has appeared in the Journal of the Society for American Music and American National Biography, and she has articles forthcoming in the Journal of the American Musicological Society, The Cambridge Companion to Film Music (in collaboration with Jim Buhler), and the edited volume Music in Postwar European Cinema. She is currently writing a book about music in French cinema during the transition to synchronized sound.