Amelia McElveen

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Assistant Instructor in Musicology

Amelia McElveen is the Assistant Instructor for Introduction to Western Music (302L) and a third-year PhD student in Historical Musicology. McElveen received her Bachelor of Arts in Music, General Concentrations from Truman State University in 2017 and her Master of Music from the University of Texas at Austin in 2019. Her Masters work focused on United States monasticism and the development of vernacular chants following the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). McElveen’s doctoral work focuses on Vietnam and Vietnamese Catholic chant within the syncretic traditions of Buddhism, Catholicism, and Caodaism in Vietnam since 1950. Her research on Vietnam studies Cistercian and Benedictine monasticism and the development of Vietnamese chant. Her theoretical frameworks are colonialism/post-colonialism, trauma theory, Cold War studies, diasporic studies, and medievalism.


MUS 302L
Introduction to Western Music

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Master of Music
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