Below you will find information on ensembles holding auditions for Spring 2020, including how to sign up for them and required repertoire excerpts. Please see the Ensembles page to browse a complete list of ensembles.

There are no string auditions for a rotation in any ensembles in the spring semester, however University Orchestra will hold auditions for certain instruments at the beginning of the spring semester. There are also no vocal auditions for choirs or the Butler Opera Center in the spring semester.

Brass, Wind, & Percussion Auditions

Auditions for Spring 2020 will take place December 2–6. All brass, wind and percussion music majors are required to take these auditions for placement in one of the following ensembles: Rotation (Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, and New Music Ensemble); Wind Symphony; or Symphony Band.

Non-majors have the option of taking the "Rotation" audition for potential placement in any of the large ensembles listed above, or the Symphony Band audition in which they will only be considered for placement within the Symphony Band.

Any issues or questions can be directed to Matthew Sedatole at

Symphony Band auditions will take place on Wednesday, January 22 2 – 4 pm in the Band Hall, MRH 2.114. 

Symphony Band Audition Registration Form

Symphony Band Audition Excerpts
Please register for a brass, wind or percussion audition slot no later than Friday, November 29, 2019.

Rotation Ensemble Audition Registration Form

Rotation Audition Schedule

Click on the instrument listed below to be routed to required audition excerpts.

A pdf of the full schedule and a map to audition locations can be found here.

Monday, December 2


8:30 – 11:30 am
Band Hall, MRH 2.114


12 – 2 pm
Band Hall, MRH 2.114


McCullough Conference Room, PAC 3.614

Tuesday, December 3


11 am – 1:30 pm
McCullough Conference Room, PAC 3.614


2 – 3:30 pm
McCullough Conference Room, PAC 3.614

Wednesday, December 4

Tenor Trombone / Bass Trombone

10 am – 12 pm 
Band Hall, MRH 2.114


12 – 2 pm
Band Hall, MRH 2.114

Tuba / Euphonium

4 – 6 pm
McCullough Conference Room, PAC 3.614

Thursday, December 5


2 – 3 pm
Band Hall, MRH 2.114


3:30 – 5:30 pm
Band Hall, MRH 2.114

Friday, December 6


9 am – 12 pm
Band Hall, MRH 2.114

Longhorn Concert Bands

The first class meetings for Longhorn Concert Bands will be on Tuesday, January 21 and Wednesday, January 22. The course syllabus and audition materials will be distributed during the first class.

Placement auditions will be held during class time on Thursday, January 23 and Monday, January 27.