DMA Chamber Recitals 

Those that would normally take place this academic year are waived.

Junior Recitals

If you would normally give a recital this year, please register for the recital course as though you are still giving it (i.e. 420R or 420J), so that it can be properly reflected in your degree audit. You will not be responsible for a traditional final performance; however, the following divisions are requiring juniors who were supposed to perform a recital this semester to record a jury instead:

Brass, Wind and Percussion

If you aren't sure in which semester you were supposed to give a recital please contact your primary instructor. 

New Recognition in Music Performance Recitals

There will be no juries for new Recognition recitals. Recognition in Music Performance recitals by Music Studies students graduating this year who had originally planned on performing after Spring Break 2020 should submit a recital recording. These students also have the choice of foregoing their recitals and can work with their supervising faculty member to arrange for an alternate project.

Candidacy Requirement for DMA 2 Recitals

All doctoral students planning to graduate in May 2021 should perform a DMA 2 recital in the Fall and a DMA Lecture recital in the Spring. Graduation will still depend on the student passing comps if they are taking the test in the Fall.

Only one AD Recital Required

Course registration will still apply, but only one recorded performance is required for AD students this academic year. Alternate projects can be assigned at the supervising faculty member’s discretion.

Community Recitals

Community recitals will be replaced by a virtual project.

Pre-Recital Juries

String division pre-recital juries are canceled for this academic year.