Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Students of color posing with instruments

Making the Butler School more inclusive & dynamic

The Butler School of Music strives to produce a more inclusive and dynamic school through a process of honest self-interrogation and collaborative dismantling of systemic barriers. This requires an increase in funding on a comprehensive level as well as support for specific projects and initiatives to create programming and research opportunities outside of the western classical cannon.


Expanding Our Reach

Expanding the Butler School’s reach requires the following:


  • Support for transformative new collaborations.


  • An increase in scholarships and fellowships intended to broaden the representation of students from different backgrounds and create a richer, more diverse student body.


  • The Butler School is committed to the decolonization of traditional musical education. This requires funds for faculty research, student and staff development grants, and grants to underwrite student projects centered on social justice and inclusion.


  • Support for ongoing training and development for faculty, staff, and students through Undoing Racism workshops by the People’s Institute.