We currently have a limited number of practice spaces available for BSOM students who have no reliable place to practice regularly. Under certain circumstances we may consider providing a practice space for a non-BSOM student who is registered for a BSOM class for which there is a performance component.

To request an available practice space contact Russell Podgorsek at r.podgorsek@austin.utexas.edu. The subject of the email must read "MRH Practice Space Request". Please include in the text of the email your name, EID, major, and instrument(s).

Due to the poor ventilation of our Wenger practice modules, only one in every four clusters can be used as a practice space. Much of the music building has been repurposed for practice spaces to help offset the number of unusable rooms. Students lacking an off-campus place to practice will be assigned either a single-occupancy or double-occupancy practice space. Students will be issued keys but should not consider these rooms private. Before students receive a key request form, they are required to agree to Butler School policies.

Do not lose your keys. Keys must be returned at the end of the 20/21 academic year or a bar will be placed on your account. Students should assume responsibility for keeping their spaces clean and washing their hands before and after use. For double-occupancy situations, strict “down time” guidelines are in place in order to facilitate responsible rate of air exchange.

Double-Occupancy Schedule

In order to minimize the risks of contracting and spreading COVID-19, students and their room partners must agree to one of the following scheduling plans:

1. Same day usage with four (4) hours minimum down time between students. For example:

8am-12noon – student A practice
12noon-4pm – down time
4-8pm – student B practices

2. Alternating day usage. For example:

Monday – student A practices any time 8am-8pm
Tuesday – student B practice any time 8am-8pm

Piano Tuning

Piano tuning in practice rooms with grand pianos will be scheduled in advance and communicated to the student and/or faculty occupant(s) at least a week ahead of time by the Piano Technician staff. Rooms will require 3–4 hours of down time after piano tunings.

Facilities issues should be reported to Building Manager at r.podgorsek@austin.utexas.edu