Performance Juries

To continue in the private lesson sequence, students must perform for a jury of faculty at the end of each semester that the division sets a jury requirement. Jury requirements and sequences vary by division. 

Students must earn faculty approval through successful completion of a jury to continue on to the next level of lessons in their performance sequence. 

Jury Sequences and Requirements - Contains detailed information regarding jury sequences and requirements for each division. Also includes deadlines for submitting Spring 2021 jury recordings to faculty.

Recital Requirements

Performance majors: present both a junior and a senior recital (MUS 420R and MUS 460R)

BA in Music majors: no recital required. BA students may seek permission to perform a recognition recital (see below)

Jazz Performance majors: present both a junior and a senior recital (MUS 420J and MUS 460J)

Composition majors: present a senior composition recital (MUS 160C)

Jazz Composition majors: present a senior composition recital (presented while enrolled in the last semester of MUS 228P jazz composition lessons)

Music Studies majors: present a community recital* (presented during enrollment or completion of the second semester of 260 level lessons) or a recognition recital (see Recognition in Music Performance below)

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Recital Scheduling

Students could follow instructions sent by There are two rounds of scheduling periods per semester.

Recognition in Music Performance

This recognition is offered to encourage undergraduate music students who are not music performance majors to pursue the intensive study of their instrument beyond the minimum requirements for their degree. 


To apply for Recognition in Music Performance, a student must be enrolled as an undergraduate music major pursuing the Bachelor of Music degree or the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree. He or she must be enrolled in principal instrument course 260.


A student who meets the eligibility criteria must seek permission to audition before the Butler School of Music faculty—that is, to perform at a full faculty jury examination. This petition may be submitted during any semester in which the student is enrolled in principal instrument course 260. If the petition is approved, the student may audition at a full faculty jury examination.

If the student obtains approval at the full faculty jury examination, then he or she must present a recognition recital during one of the next two long semesters. 

A recognition recital must be equivalent to the junior recital required of a performance major and must offer a repertoire equivalent to that of an upper-division performance major. The recital is heard by the faculty of the student’s principal instrument, who vote to approve or disapprove the granting of Recognition in Music Performance. If approval is given by the division faculty, the certificate is issued by the Butler School of Music.