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General Policies and Procedures, 
& Forms Graduate Students

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Policies and Procedures

Graduate Handbook in Music 2018-2019
A complete listing of policies and procedures for graduate students in music.

Graduate Recital Handbook

Doctoral Flowchart

Doctoral Detailed Outline

DMA Lecture-Recital Document Timeline Protocol

Advancing to Doctoral Candidacy (online application)

Graduate Course Descriptions


Graduation Procedures


  1. Be sure you are registered for the appropriate terminal course: Master's Recital (MUS 698RB), Master's Report (MUS 398M), or Thesis (MUS 698B), depending on your degree program.
  2. Submit an MM Degree Check form to the Graduate Coordinator.
  3. Apply to graduate online.
  4. For performance area students, complete your degree recital.
  5. Complete a comprehensive exam.
  6. For composition and academic area students, submit your thesis or report to the Graduate School by the last Friday of classes.


  1. Be sure you are registered for the correct MUS -99 course.
  2. Apply to graduate online.
  3. For DMA performance students, schedule and perform your lecture recital, as well as any other remaining recitals (see above for recital scheduling info).
  4. Schedule and complete your Final Oral Examination.
  5. For DMA Composition, PhD and DMA Treatise students, submit your dissertation or treatise and final paperwork to the Graduate School by the last Friday of classes.