Course Description

Ensemble 109 is an elite performing and recording vocal group offering singers direct and specific preparation for the real world of singing in recording studios. Individual and ensemble vocal techniques are taught which bridge the gap between the discipline of classical singing and popular vocal stylizations. Most popular genres of the vocal arts are perfected and performed, all within the framework of the professional recording studio vocal ensemble. Visit the Ensemble 109 Facebook page for more details.


Ensemble 109 directly supports the College of Fine Arts curricula in the recording, theatrical and commercial arts. This vocal ensemble is designed for students of all majors who exhibit both aptitude and interest across the vocal and songwriting arts, inclusive of all genres.

What to Expect

Anyone accepted through audition will have already proven their talent, interest and work ethic. This vocal experience is designed for the extraordinary person; a person open to the development of their unique "voice" while being in the company of other singers equal in talent and perseverance. In rehearsal, you will have individual style-specific ear-training and vocal exercises while still within the context of rehearsing original solo songs and a cappella ensemble arrangements.

How to Join


Email Gary Powell for audition information. Be prepared to bring two songs with sheet music or accompany yourself with piano or guitar. Life is short. Bring the fun.