The graduate programs in conducting are designed to be small and highly selective. The objective of the master's and doctoral programs in conducting is to prepare highly competent conductors who will be prepared to function effectively in professional and academic settings. The music faculty of The University of Texas at Austin considers study in music history, theory and related fields essential components of a conductor's preparation. The musical environment provided by the university and the Austin metropolitan area represents an ideal setting for graduate study in band, choral, and orchestral conducting. The Butler School of Music maintains an excellent library and a distinguished faculty in addition to sponsoring numerous performing organizations. These performing ensembles, which are composed entirely of graduate and undergraduate students, differ in size, purpose and repertoire. Collectively they provide an outstanding musical resource for those enrolled in the conducting program. For more information on the conducting programs at the Butler School of Music, please visit their websites:

Wind Band Conducting (band website is currently under construction)

Orchestral Conducting

Choral Conducting