Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Students, staff, and faculty are required to wear face masks at all times unless actively eating, drinking, or performing musical activity that requires equipment to touch one’s mouth. Anyone inside the building must maintain at least 6 feet of distance. Masks DO NOT take the place of distancing and vice-versa.

At the moment, we are still uncertain as to the type of material assistance we will receive with respect to PPE from the University. There is also no indication that custodial will be adding cleaning shifts throughout the day, although there will be daily disinfection of high-touch surfaces. We insist that everyone in the building wash hands frequently and thoroughly.


Elevators are single-occupancy. Masks must be worn inside elevators, and no talking is allowed (including on cell phones). Elevator use should be prioritized for the elderly, people with mobility challenges, or those with large instruments. Able-bodied students, faculty, and staff should use the staircases as much as possible.


Stairwells are designated and signed “up” and “down” to minimize close contact. Stairwells that cannot be designated one direction have boundaries marked for up and down traffic.


Lockers will be issued only to those with assigned practice spaces in MRH (including "MBE") who have large or multiple instruments. You will be contacted shortly after your practice room is assigned with locker information if you fit either category..

If you have multiple instruments but only listed one on your initial request for a practice room, you will not automatically be assigned a locker. If that is the case, contact Russell Podgorsek.


Building restrooms are single-occupancy.

Communal Areas

Communal area seating (i.e. the “green couches”) is spaced out or blocked off as necessary to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between positions. Do not move furniture in common areas.

The 3rd floor of the Fine Arts Library is also available for students to hang out or work with spread out seating.