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Why All Steinway?

First-rate pianos are an essential tool of any music program, necessary for teaching, practice, and performance. Over the past year, the Butler School has been working diligently toward this goal, an effort focused on raising significant resources to transform our aging piano inventory. Here's why:


Steinway & Sons pianos are unparalleled objects of beauty—both in appearance and application—and serve as the performance pianos of choice for an overwhelming majority of concert pianists. As Steinway is the preference of professionals, it benefits students to hone their talents on the fine instrument they will most likely use in a musical career.


The quality of Steinway & Sons pianos, and in particular the distinguished institutional title of an All-Steinway School, is a proven aid in attracting and retaining the very best students and faculty, thus building a community of excellence.

There are now over 100 revered institutions across the country that have chosen to be All-Steinway, including The Juilliard School, Yale University, Oberlin Conservatory and the Curtis Institute of Music.


Consider a Steinway’s greater longevity and value appreciation; over time, they are the least expensive pianos to own. If investment is important to you—in both the artistic and financial sense—Steinway is the only way to go.

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Give Now


To discuss how you would like to give and be recognized, please contact Sondra Lowmax, Assistant Dean of Development by email or call 512-796-9594.