This section includes summer 2021 logistics and policies, including information about returning keys and instruments.


External building doors will remain locked until August. UT ID cards will still be necessary for all faculty, students and staff to enter.

Use of practice rooms is contingent on every student returning keys that were assigned for dedicated practice rooms during the 20-21 school year. Russell Podgorsek will audit all key return receipts the week of May 31. If students do not return their keys from this year, the rooms in question will be re-keyed at the students’ expense. Re-keying could take weeks, depending on the locksmith’s availability.

After that process is complete, a subset of Wenger practice modules on the 5th and 6th floor will go back to first-come first-served status. We will not be observing downtime in the modules, but we’ve chosen the subset of modules to maximize the physical distance between occupied practice rooms.

There will be a break in room reservations May 16–23 and some rooms will be off-limits for maintenance projects throughout the summer. Downtimes for air scrubbing will no longer be observed.

As you can see, we are still controlling access to the building throughout the summer, but will be relaxing downtime restrictions. Once the fall semester is underway, we will not have the ability to observe downtime for air scrubbing, so we think it prudent to start getting everyone used to a less restrictive model. This means that everyone should assess their own risk before using the facility. We highly recommend that all students, faculty and staff get vaccinated to protect yourselves from COVID-19.

You might consider purchasing a HEPA air purifier to take with you when using a practice room or classroom.

TA/AI offices will revert back to normal academic year practices after all keys have been returned from this year. Keep in mind that many TA and AI offices support 2-3 persons (another reason why we are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated!).

Masks will still be required in all public places in the building.

If you have additional questions or concerns, you can contact Russell Podgorsek.

Returning Practice Room Keys

Important for students who were assigned keys for a practice module, faculty office, or small classroom. Keys can be returned in person or by mail.

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