For up-to-date information about The University's response to COVID-19, visit the Protect Texas Together website.

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

While the University works steadily to vaccinate individuals on the Phase 1B wait list, the next phase of vaccine prioritization is being prepared. If you are interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccination from UT Austin, please fill out the UT COVID-19 Vaccine Form, regardless of your eligibility.* The completed form will place you on a waiting list, and you will receive an email acknowledgement explaining the process and expected timeline for an appointment.

*If you have previously completed a UT COVID-19 Vaccine Form on which you indicated that you are NOT eligible for Phase 1A or Phase 1B, the University asks that you resubmit the form.

Members of the public, including retirees, emeritus faculty, family members and dependents of members of the UT community who meet the state-defined Phase 1B criteria may request a COVID-19 vaccine from UT Health Austin.

Testing for COVID-19


For students who are ill and have insurance:

If you are exhibiting symptoms, schedule a test with University Health Services. UHS will bill your insurance (most insurance plans, including the Academic Blue student health insurance plan, fully cover the cost of testing for symptomatic individuals).

For students who are ill and do NOT have insurance:

The University is subsidizing the cost for the tests, so there is no out-of-pocket expense.


If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or test positive at a testing facility that isn’t UHS, you should still report this information to UHS. Confidentiality will be maintained. UHS has created this helpful testing guide for students about how and when to get tested.

Students should also contact their faculty members so their absence can be accommodated.

Student employees are considered “student” and “staff,” and should follow reporting protocols for both.

Faculty and Staff

For faculty or staff who are ill and have insurance:

If you are exhibiting symptoms, schedule a test with UT Health Austin or with a health care provider of your choice. UTHA will bill your insurance (most insurance plans, including the UT Select employee insurance plan fully cover the cost of testing for symptomatic individuals).

For faculty or staff who are ill and do NOT have insurance:

UTHA will explore the use of federal programs, if available, to help cover the cost.


If you have symptoms or are being tested, you should report your symptoms/test results to the Occupational Health Program. UT has created a helpful infographic about this process.

Faculty or staff who have symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 should notify Department Chair Mary Ellen Poole ( and COFA Director of HR Kevin Crook ( Staff should also notify their immediate supervisor. (Supervisors should consult with Kevin Crook about protocols for confidential notifications.)

Faculty who have been notified by a student about a COVID-19 case should notify Department Chair Mary Ellen Poole ( and either Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies John Turci-Escobar ( for undergraduates or Senior Associate Dean Holly Williams ( for graduate students.

Contact Tracing

The University will continue to conduct contact tracing for University community members who test positive for COVID-19.

Proactive Community Testing

Proactive Community Testing is designated for asymptomatic individuals. Community members who have symptoms should secure testing through UHS or UTHA.

The University will identify and reach out to individuals and groups to participate in voluntary, proactive testing, and is not currently accepting individual requests to participate.

Proactive Community Testing is done at no cost to individuals being tested. Those who test positive will be notified directly. Results are confidential, and departments and supervisors will not be notified.