Throughout the year, the Butler School will broadcast free concerts as part of our new Vital Sounds Series. The series will feature various recorded student recital pieces for the public to enjoy during this time when so many live performances have been canceled.

Please consider submitting one or two of your favorite pieces (two being the limit). If you are not a composer, we recommend submitting at least one piece in the public domain, just in case we aren’t able to procure streaming rights for repertoire under copyright.

Shows will be curated using recital recordings that have been submitted to our Recording Studio. For those recording recitals on campus, the Recording Studio will already have access to your files. For those of you recording yourselves off-campus, make sure to follow the procedures on our website

Submit your favorite pieces for the series

A few particulars:

  • Submitting a piece through this form does not mean it will automatically be included in a broadcast. Our goal is to publicize as many different students’ works as possible, but there may be barriers with streaming rights, recording quality, etc.
  • By submitting your pieces through this form, you and all collaborators in your recording agree to be video streamed by the Butler School and included in programming by KMFA 89.5.
  • Each broadcast will be curated with pieces that complement one another, so submissions may not appear in the order they are received. 
  • If your recital recording won’t be finished anytime soon, don’t sweat it! We look forward to the future of this series and welcome submissions all year long.

Thanks so much for your creativity and artistry during this most challenging year. Our patrons are looking forward to hearing you again!