The Butler School of Music will regularly add to this Frequently Asked Questions page during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


What do I do if I exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 or test positive for the virus?

If faculty, staff and students exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 or test positive for the virus, they should follow the steps outlined on our Staying Healthy page. More information can be found on the Protect Texas Together website. 

Class Preparation for Faculty, TAs and AIs

How can I access library materials that are not available online?

Beginning June 22 and continuing while UT Libraries are in Phase 3 of reopening, UT-Austin faculty and students with time-sensitive tenure or degree completion deadlines may request pick up of UT Libraries' physical materials by appointment. Detailed instructions are available on the UT Libraries site.

How can I scan course materials for my classes?

MRH copiers are not accessible before classes begin due to the HVAC renovation and we will not be opening our machines up during the pandemic in order to avoid spreading the virus. 

In lieu of physical reserves, the UT Libraries is providing a service to scan Libraries materials essential to Fall 2020 courses. Faculty and course instructors may place requests and will receive materials to host in their Canvas courses. Libraries staff will determine what can be provided, either through existing or purchased electronic items, by scanning sections from available print materials where possible, or working with faculty and course instructors to find alternative Open Educational Resources (OER) online content. 

Any materials needed for the first part of Fall semester should be identified and submitted by Friday, August 7.  After that, requests may be submitted throughout the Fall semester with at least one week of lead time. More information can be found on the UT Libraries site.

Courses and Ensembles

Is there a class I can take to learn about recording, editing and streaming my own music?

MUS 319D teaches students how to use a digital audio workstation to record/edit/mix musical performances, synchronize recordings with video, create original compositions, and learn the basic concepts behind synthesis and digital signal processing, as well as how to use studio and live sound equipment to record and perform music. There are no prerequisites for the class. 

Will I be able to participate in an in-person ensemble during the 2020-21 school year?

Limited ensembles opportunities will be offered in the Spring 2021 semester, all of which require consent of the instructor: 

  • String Orchestra (ENS 107E / ENS 180E)
  • New Music Ensemble (ENS 107N / ENS 187 N)
  • Concert Chorale (ENS 109L / ENS 181C)
  • Butler Opera Productions (ENS 188P)
  • Percussion Ensemble (ENS 109D / ENS 189P)

How can I stay I stay connected with my ensemble colleagues and faculty this year?

Our newest elective course offerings, the Community Seminars, are open to everyone. They will meet once a week for 50 minutes and will cover an array of topics with stellar guest speakers. These are intended to keep alive the spirit of community and discovery fostered in our ensembles, and to dig into topics we never had time to explore until the pandemic changed everything! 

What recommendations does the Butler School have for high-quality online lessons?