Classroom Reservation Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9am – 8pm

Friday: 10am – 8pm

Saturday: 10am – 5pm

How to Request a Room

Email Scheduling Assistant Sonja Larson at


Rooms may be requested for single student use only for a maximum of two hours at a time

Rehearsals with collaborators in small, single-height ceiling classrooms will be limited to 30 minutes. Limiting time with another person in a small, enclosed space is important in order to minimize the risk of droplet exchange; these classrooms have single height ceilings, and to the best of our knowledge, air only turns over once per hour. Rehearsals in double-height ceilings with a collaborator are limited to 1 hour.

Requests for Bates and Jessen will not be accommodated this year. We are currently fixing emergency maintenance issues in the Jessen recording booth, and Bates will be used exclusively for staffed faculty and student recital recordings.

Butler School Recording Services will not be offering their services to students for personal recording sessions this year.

The festivals, graduate programs and jobs you may be applying for understand that the pandemic has disrupted the “normal” way of doing things. Just like our own institution, they are prepared for recordings to be in living rooms, practice rooms and classrooms.  

Reservations will need to begin at the top of the hour (i.e. 1pm, not 1:30pm).

To allow for air scrubbing, three hours of vacancy will be required in the MRH classrooms between uses, and two hours of vacancy will be required in the MBE rehearsal rooms. 

Music majors will be prioritized.

Students will need to sanitize the piano keyboards before and after playing. There are spray bottles of hydrogen peroxide and cloths in each classroom for your use.

For tips on safely sanitizing pianos, watch this video.

When using Hydrogen Peroxide to sanitize the keys:

1) Only spray the H2O2 on a cloth. Not directly on the piano.

2) only use the H2O2 on the KEYS. Do not wipe down any case parts as this will damage the finish.