Only 2nd floor classrooms, large rehearsal rooms, and performance halls will be scheduled for required recital recordings, in-person lessons, and the few in-person sessions in hybrid-modality classes. Occupancy has been determined based on a 200 sq ft/person model that assumes the most dangerous types of musical activity. Strict “down time” guidelines of about 3-4 hours for most rooms are put in place to facilitate a responsible rate of air exchange. Cleaning supplies are available in each room for occupants to use at the beginning of their scheduled time in the space.

Room Access

All room access is dependent on available staffing. If no staff is available, lessons, class sessions, or recital recordings will be canceled. There will be no uncontrolled access.

Scheduling Requests

The student Room Request function in ArtsVision is disabled; instead, all scheduling requests should be sent to Please understand that it is unlikely that many requests can be accommodated due to the significant amount of “down time” required for air scrubbing in each room. Performance halls will be off-limits for anything other than staffed recordings of required student degree recitals and faculty recitals.

Performance Hall Guidelines for Recital Recordings

Find more information on our required degree recital page.

Required recitals and chamber ensemble projects will be performed and recorded in Bates Recital Hall and Jessen Auditorium with no audience. The only participants allowed into these spaces are performers, their collaborative musicians, any faculty or TAs crucial for the set-up/production, one stage manager, and one recording studio technician. As with classrooms, the viability of this is determined by availability of staff, and it should be excepted that many recitals will occur during business hours. Any activity in any of the three concert halls will require a staff presence in order to:

  • Provide access
  • Ensure the schedule is being adhered to with regard to down time
  • Disinfect touch surfaces

In order to reduce aerosol spread, there will be a minimum duration of 3 hours between when the recitalists have left the concert hall area until the call time of the following recital.

Hall Access During Recital Recordings

Only concert production staff and people actively performing are allowed in a hall. No audience members are allowed in the halls under any circumstances. This restriction applies broadly and includes but is not limited to faculty, fellow students, friends, family, etc. No exceptions will be made.

Masks are required at all times (with few exceptions) in any of BSOM’s facilities. A mask may be removed if performing a musical activity that requires equipment to touch one’s mouth. Singers are required to rehearse with masks on, but may perform without them. If any performers arrive without a mask, they will be asked to leave and return only when they have a suitable face covering.

Restrooms in Performance Halls

Backstage restrooms in Bates Recital Hall is reserved exclusively for staff and unavailable to performers in the concert hall. To maintain hand hygiene, hand sanitizer stations are available in backstage and outside the backstage doors for artist use.

Restrooms in Jessen Auditorium are designated in the following way:

  • Restroom in backstage right: Stage managers only
  • Restroom in backstage left: Recording engineers only
  • HRH hallway restrooms: Performers only