Scheduling On-Campus Recital Recordings

The normal recital scheduling protocols do not apply this year. Our ability to accommodate in-person recital recordings will depend on staff availability and an Austin Public Health Risk Stage of 3 or lower (see our Building Access page for more information on Risk Stages).

The new scheduling protocol asks for faculty to fill out a spreadsheet at the beginning of the semester that inventories all required degree recitals in their studio for the academic year.

Students will work with faculty to pick a two-week range for scheduling their on-campus recital recording. Each student will be assigned a date, time, and hall within that two-week range that works best for their collaborative pianist (if applicable). These recital assignments are not negotiable; there are too many restrictive factors to consider.

Recital recordings will be shared via UT Box directly with the student. Students are responsible for sharing the recording with any faculty member(s) grading the recital.

If students are compiling a video of both on-campus and self-recorded material, please see instructions for off-campus recital recordings. Your final recital product must be shared with both grading faculty members and the Recording Studio to be properly archived.

Scheduling Priorities by Semester


  • Recognition in Music Performance recitals by Music Studies students graduating this year, who had originally planned on performing after Spring Break 2020. These students also have the choice of foregoing their recitals and working with their supervising faculty member to arrange for an alternate project.
  • DMA 2 recitals for doctoral students graduating in May 2021
  • DMA Lecture recitals for doctoral students graduating in December 2020 (though we recommend that the lecture portion be recorded remotely)
  • Senior, Masters, Artist Diploma and DMA 1 recitals for those students who feel prepared
Bates Recital Hall will not be available for the first several weeks of class due to delayed renovation and maintenance work that began this summer. There will be no recital recordings after November 24 in the Fall semester.


  • DMA Lecture Recitals (though we recommend that the lecture portion be recorded remotely)
  • All other recitals that should be completed before the academic year ends

On-Campus Recital Policies

All students who record a recital on campus will be charged the traditional $150 recital fee.

Program length

The entire recorded program must be no longer than 55 minutes, including breaks between pieces. A maximum of 45 minutes of music is recommended.

Recitalists will be given 30 minutes of setup and warmup time before the recording begins.

The minimum time limit for music is at the discretion of supervising faculty.

Here is an example of a possible production schedule, including call times for recitalists and staff:

Recording services call time 5:45pm (camera set)
Stage manager call time 6pm (surface disinfect)
Artist call time 6:30pm (warm up)
Performance start time 7pm
Performance end time 7:55pm
Recitalist out time 8pm
Stage manager (surface disinfect) 8 – 8:30pm
Stage manager out time 8:30pm
Recording services out / dark time begins 8:45pm


Repertoire should be limited to solo and duo repertoire (piano or one other instrument). Programming solo repertoire is highly encouraged this year to minimize the amount of music collaborative pianists will need to rehearse with each student.

Concert program

Students must submit their recital program to the Student Programs Office no later than 14 days prior to their recital. The Student Programs Office will create an official program and send it to the recording studio on the student’s behalf. The student will receive a copy of the official program via a PDF file. If a student chooses to forgo this process and provide their own concert program, they must still submit it to the Student Programs Office before their recital, since a record of all programs must be reported to BMI and ASCAP.

Program Submission Form

Program Policies and Style Manual

Production restrictions

  • Production setup will necessarily be bare-bones; no stage changes or production requests will be considered.
  • No page turners allowed
  • No projections, multi-media, or audio playback options will be available.
  • No sound support (acoustic performances only)
  • Performance must be played through as if it were live; re-takes will not be allowed.
  • There will be strict sanitation and social distancing protocols in place. Policies and procedures for hall use can be found here:
  • NO ONE will be allowed in the hall except for performers and necessary staff members during the recording (no faculty, no family).
  • Recording Services will share the recording with the student’s supervising faculty member to be graded; the recording will also be shared directly with the student.

Dress rehearsals

We cannot accommodate traditional dress rehearsals for on-campus recital recordings this year. Instead, if faculty want to hear students play through recital repertoire prior to the recording, they will need to schedule the rehearsal time through Production Manager Travis Weller. Hour-long dress rehearsals will only be scheduled when event managers are available to provide access and sanitize the hall before and after use.