APH Risk Stages

These policies have been revised as of January 12, 2021.

Access to the Butler School of Music will be by ID card only using the BACS system (swipe with ID).

Should we enter APH Risk Stages 4 or 5, all face-to-face class meetings and lessons move online and recital recordings in Butler School halls will not be permitted. Students will still be permitted to access their designated practice spaces in any stage, and faculty and staff may still access the building to work from their offices.

Students will not be allowed to reserve classrooms in APH Stage 5. Classroom reservations will be allowed in APH Stage 4 for 1-2 persons per room maximum.

Student access to the building will be limited to 8am–8pm Monday through Sunday. These limitations will be lifted if/when Austin returns to APH Risk Stage 1.

Review this APH Risk Stage chart, modified to incorporate levels of Butler School in-person activity.

Anyone feeling ill or suffering from any of the possible COVID-19 symptoms should not enter the Butler School of Music under any circumstances.

UT ID Cards

New students and faculty members will need to obtain a UT ID card at the Flawn Academic Center in order to access the music building. Returning faculty members with ID cards older than 5 years will need to replace their cards through the same process. For more information about UT IDs, visit the ID Center Website. We recommend doing this as soon as possible to avoid long lines in the first week of classes.

Lanyards, IDs, and Keys

We recommend that students, faculty, and staff make good use of the College of Fine Arts (COFA) lanyards this year for holding IDs and room keys. Anyone locked out of their assigned room will not have help readily available due to reduced staff presence in the building. Putting your keys on your lanyard and keeping it on your person will ensure that you do not lock your keys in your office or practice room. It will also reduce your chance of losing assigned keys, which has financial consequences. There will be a box of COFA lanyards available for you on the large table in the lobby of the Butler School.

Air Scrubbing and Ventilation

The MBE portion of the music building has an average of 1 air change per hour (ACH) generally, and an average of 2 ACH in its large rehearsal rooms. Because we were unable to obtain estimates for rooms in the MRH portion of the music building, or our satellite performance hall (Jessen Auditorium) in Homer Rainey Hall, we have assumed a 1 ACH for these spaces. This figure informs our approach to scheduling and our plan for “down time” between activities to facilitate air scrubbing (the removal of a percentage of contaminants in the air over time).