Updated fall 2022 Butler School of Music application and prescreen/audition repertoire requirements are available here. This website will be updated to reflect these changes by Sept. 1. Please contact us at uga@mail.music.utexas.edu if you have any questions. We thank you for your patience.

Application & Video Audition Deadline: December 1

Application Instructions

Applying to The University of Texas at Austin as a music major is a two-part process that requires separate applications to the university and the Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music. The Butler School of Music accepts applications for fall semesters only.

To be considered, complete and submit the following:

The University of Texas at Austin Application

Follow the Office of Admissions instructions to submit the online application, application fee, essay, short answer responses, transcripts, and other required materials.

  • Freshman applicants can submit either the ApplyTexas application or the Coalition for College application. Only one application should be completed, and your choice will not impact your admission decision.
  • High school students who apply to The University of Texas at Austin for fall 2021 undergraduate admission will not be required to submit an ACT or SAT test score as part of their application.
To be seriously considered for admission to the Butler School of Music, select a music major as your first-choice major.

ApplyTexas Application

  1. Begin a new application for the Fall (Aug - Dec) 2021 semester.
  2. Select "College of Fine Arts" as your first-choice school and continue.
  3. Select your desired music degree.

Coalition Application

  1. Complete your Coalition profile for The University of Texas at Austin and navigate to the "Program" page.
  2. Enter "Music" or "Jazz" as your search term or select "Fine Arts" as your academic interest.
  3. Select your desired music degree.

Butler School of Music Application

The Butler School of Music application will allow you to upload your video audition, letters of recommendation, portfolio and résumé, as applicable to your program. You will also have the opportunity to select your preferred Zoom (virtual) interview date.

  • All applicants are required to submit:
    • Audition video(s)
    • Introductory video
    • Three letters of recommendation
  • Composition applicants must also submit a composition portfolio.
  • All required materials, including audition videos, must be attached to your application before it can be submitted for review.
  • Do not complete more than one application without requesting approval.

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Open Dates

  • The Butler School of Music fall application opens on August 1. The deadline to apply is December 21. 

Processing Time

  • Applications are generally processed within five business days of receipt.

Video Auditions and Zoom (Virtual) Interviews

All Butler School of Music applicants will audition by video recording. In-person auditions for fall 2021 admission consideration are not available.

  • Video auditions are due December 21 with the Butler School of Music application.
  • All applicants will be prescreened based upon the audition videos and other materials submitted with the application.
  • Applicants who pass the prescreen round will be invited to interview with the faculty. The interview may also include a virtual audition or lesson. Review your repertoire requirements for details.

Repertoire Requirements for B.M. Performance, B.M. Music Studies, B.M. Jazz and B.A. in Music Applicants

Repertoire Requirements for B.M. Composition and B.A. in Music - Emphasis in Composition applicants

Video Submission Instructions

  • Each audition selection may be recorded in a separate video unless otherwise noted.
  • Upload and attach your audition video(s) to the Butler School of Music application prior to submission.

Decision Timeline & Interview Invitations

  • Audition videos and application materials will be reviewed after December 21.
  • All applicants will receive their prescreen results by email in January.
  • Those with positive results will be invited to interview with the faculty.
  • The interview will be scheduled on the date pre-selected in the application.
  • Email uga@mail.music.utexas.edu if you would like to request to reschedule your interview to another official date.

Introductory Video

Submit a one to three minute video recording on which you verbally introduce yourself and discuss your musical and non-musical interests, goals, creative or volunteer work and reasons for applying to UT Austin.

Submission Instructions

  • Upload and attach your introductory video to the Butler School of Music application prior to submission.

Composition Portfolio

In addition to the required audition video(s), applicants to the B.A. in Music - Emphasis in Composition, B.M. Composition and B.M. Jazz Composition degrees must submit a composition portfolio with recorded performances.

Submission Instructions

  • Upload and attach your portfolio to the Butler School of Music application prior to submission.

Letters of Recommendation

Ask three references to provide a concise statement concerning your musical ability, diligence as a student, potential for future development and any other information that may be pertinent to our consideration of your application. Avoid recommendations from those who know you too well to be unbiased—family members, for instance. If possible, these letters should come from references who know your work as a musician.

Submission Instructions

  • Upload and attach your letters to the Butler School of Music application -or-
  • Enter your references' email addresses directly into the application. Once your complete application is submitted, references will receive an email invitation that will allow them to upload a private recommendation directly to your application.
  • Letters that are sent by mail, fax or email will not be reviewed.

Timeline for Submission

  • Letters are due December 21.
  • Keep in mind that letter of recommendation email invitations sent through the music application are only delivered after the application is submitted. If your application is submitted on December 20, your references will have only one day to upload letters of recommendation.

Résumé (optional)

Although a résumé is not required to complete your application for admission, we strongly encourage you to submit one.

What to Include

Your résumé may include your musical, academic, extracurricular, community and work activities and your honors and awards.

Be sure to incorporate:

  • Details about what each activity involved rather than a general description
  • The number of hours per week and weeks per year you spent on each activity

Submission Instructions

  • Upload and attach your résumé to the Butler School of Music application.
  • If you would like to include an optional résumé with your university application, submit it through the Document Upload System.
  • You may submit the same résumé to the Butler School of Music and Office of Admissions.

Helpful Hints for a Smooth Application Process

  • Include your UT EID and full name on any document you submit to the Office of Admissions or the Butler School of Music.
  • Check your application status regularly. MyStatus is a secure online tool that lets you follow the progress of your admission application and related processes from initial submission to your final admission decision and beyond.
  • Print this webpage for your fridge or bulletin board.
  • Add "uga@mail.music.utexas.edu" to your safe senders list.